• Andy Fosberry

TWO Albums In As Many Months

Its always a good feeling to hit the ground running, and yet I didn't quite plan it like this. Being surprised is always welcome though, and this year has done that with two new albums landing in as many months.

'(connection lost)' was written in the week between Christmas and New Year's, at the end of 2020. It began with me writing a piece inspired by a podcast I was listening to about the Rendlesham Forest incident and bloomed out from there quite quickly. Because of that odd week at years end being a reflective time, and the year that was being reflected upon was certainly a challenging one, the album began to represent that more and more as it unfolded. The running order is chronological as the tracks were written, so you can follow that journey.

There were three versions of the album. I did a short run press of CD's (I know!) with 3 bonus tracks, 11 in total, which sold out on the first day of preorder. That was amazing.

The Bandcamp digital has 2 bonus tracks, 10 in total, and can be streamed and downloaded here:

Finally, the standard 8 track version of '(connection lost)' is available worldwide on all digital and streaming platforms.


'Blank Scenes Vol I'

Some of the best things happen by accident. This music happened by accident.

'Ten pieces that share common DNA, harmony and melodic frameworks. Built around scenes that will never be seen. The first of an irregular series of releases.'

I love everything about this album.

Available for free / pay what you want on Bandcamp:

And on all digital and streaming services, worldwide.


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