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The Films for 2021

As well as various commercials, branding films and album projects, I also scored three feature films in 2020, all scheduled for release this year!

More info is on my IMDb page linked below, but as quick heads up they are:



Rats Reborn

'Hatched' is a mixed genre film, taking in elements of horror, sci-fi and, y'know.. dinosaurs. At the time of writing, its in the final stages of post-production.

'Prototype' is a dark family drama, again with elements of sci-fi.

'Rats Reborn' is a straight up creature horror!

All are on their way, so more on release dates soon.

I will be releasing the full scores digitally alongside the films, and there is also a compilation being created from cues from all three scores that is coming out on an awesome label in the next couple of months. I'll annouce the title and other information as soon as I'm allowed.


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