• Andy Fosberry

Midnight Demon 2 - A Necessary Evil

Back in the summer of 2018, a new score for an old film was released on the London label 'Spun Out Of Control'. That film was Midnight Demon (1983). It was an atmospheric synth score in the vein of Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter and even Drive. The physical pressing of that album sold out within 72 hours and people wondered who 'Turquoise Moon', the 'duo behind the album', were.

Fast forward to July of 2019. Another hot summer is upon us, and the score for the sequel 'Midnight Demon 2 - A Necessary Evil' (1987) was announced, going on presale via the Bandcamp platform, and once again through the Spun Out Of Control label.

Within a day, that soundtrack became the joint biggest seller - of *any* format - worldwide.

The other biggest seller was 'Where Dreams Go To Die', another score released by the same label and announced on the same day (Spun Out Sounds do everything in pairs).

Midnight Demon 2 sold out a day later.

It was such an incredible week to be part of, and it took a little while to sink in.

Midnight Demon, and Midnight Demon 2 are my work under an assumed identity, writing the music for films from the past that are yet to be made. And that work is such an undeniable pleasure to be a part of - working with the label, working with the insanely talented Eric Adrian Lee who designs and produces the cover art and seeing how much people love and respond to these albums.

There are two Turquoise Moon motion picture soundtracks in the world now, and there is a 3rd release, prepped and ready to go, probably in 2020.

I can't wait to share that final piece of the puzzle with you all.


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