• Andy Fosberry

Death Ship 2047

I’m so happy to announce from quarantine that my new album ‘Death Ship 2047’ is available for preorder now from the awesome Spun Out Of Control ( This album, inspired by the sci-fi/horror film Event Horizon is my first step into scoring the horror genre, and it’s easily the darkest music I have ever written. And it was such fun to make! For fans of scores like Alien: Covenant, Sicario, and even 1917, this is both weightless and heavy, using the darkest parts of the orchestra, drums made from metal buildings (this is true) and pitch black synths. Today is also the 4th birthday of this incredible label, and this is my 4th album with them! Bandcamp are also waving all fees for 24 hours to help out artists, so go grab a beautiful tape or a download today. It’s the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world. Finally, a special thanks to @ericadrianleedesign for just *killing* it on the sleeve design and artwork. Amazing stuff


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