• Andy Fosberry

Bluebella 2 + New Feature Film

One of the first projects this year was being asked to return to Bluebella and work with them on their new 'Love Your Passion' valantines campaign. This was an evolution of a preivious piece where the customers are the stars of the film - submitting self shot videos under lockdown.

In this film, the focus was on passion, and the fire within. So all the stars in the video are being shot doing that one thing that gives them the feeling of being alive.

My job was to translate this into music. I worked with the agency My Perfect Cousin to hone the brief and we landed on some drum n' bass to convey the energy on screen. It was also amazing to have spoken work poet Venessa Kisuule on board with some killer verse.

Read more, and see the full video here:

Score composition and film sound mix by me.


Following on from this project, and in significant contrast, is being hired to compose the score for my first feature film project of the year. A sinister, atmospheric, single location horror film, I am deep into the process now and should be wrapped by the beginning of April. I am so pleased with how this project is unfolding, and I can't wait to share the music.

That will come a little later in 2021.

Stay safe out there.


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