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Autumn Roundup.

So, so much has happened in the past couple of months that updating my website and actually writing about any of it has been a challenge. A little break has appeared today, so I wanted to share some of the projects that have passed through the studio in the last couple of months.


Trevor is a brilliant short film directed by Emmy nominated director Jon Drever. Written by Luke McQueen, this project was put together by a dedicated group of brilliant people, and I am really glad to be a part of it.

Beyond composing the score, I also created the foley and provided the sound mix for the film. This tragic comedy premiered in London in October 2019, and will be making its way to film festivals in 2020. Hopefully it will be available to stream shortly thereafter.

Channel 4.

During October, I composed the score for a new comedy short for Channel 4 and production company Fudge Park (The Inbetweeners, White Gold). Once again, I collaborated with director Jon Drever, as well as the producers, and it really was a huge amount of fun to work on this project, even on such a tight turnaround. The show is completed and is due to air before Christmas.

Aylesworth Fleming.

I am working with the agency Aylesworth Fleming to write three pieces for a major property launch for one on their new developments. This has definitely been what I would term 'super involved', as each piece is finely detailed by design. The films will be part of an online campaign beginning soon.

Other Work.

I have collaborated extensively with Massive Music on various sonic branding projects and beds for apps. This is very different to scoring to picture and creates is own set of challenges which is really interesting.

Right now, I am working on a beautiful ad with a London agency for an international hotel group which is near completion. This has been score, sound design/foley and sound mix. That all wraps up this coming weekend.

There are some similar projects happening in December.



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