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End Of Summer Round-up

Updated: Jul 30, 2019


The lack of recent, coherent updates are not because of an absence of work, but more down to a shortage of time. Its been a busy period, so I wanted to take a moment to sum up and update, whilst remembering that it was sometimes too hot to work convincingly, but I had to do it anyway.

* I have completed a sequence of five production music albums for Made Up Music/Triumph Music, which I am reliably informed will begin their release cycle in the next 10 days (from time of writing this blog). Of course, I will update here and on social media as soon as these albums start to come online. Its a vast body of work that I feel really strongly about, so it will be good to finally have them out and available for content creators worldwide.

* I have composed the music for a short film called 'Prison Boy', which is in its very final stages now. This is the second project I have worked on with Smashed Screen Films, and its a really strong piece. There is a little re-edit for the teaser trailer to do, and then it will be ready, at which time, I'll post it here.

* Very recently I started work on my first cluster of tracks for Freshworx, which is a music library releasing through Universal. Its an album of soundscape guitar pieces and I've written three for the project. This will be out in October. There is another project with them just over the horizon.

* Additionally, I've also released a solo album of my own material which is inspired by my score work, and the other thing that fill up our heads, our lives and our thoughts. This is the collection of music I was releasing weekly over the summer, and it is now out in the world, pretty much everywhere.

I've included the Spotify playlist for you here:

More news soon...

- Andy.


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