• Andy Fosberry

'Nocturnal Afterglow' out now on Lemoncake

'Nocturnal Afterglow' is a 14 track album of eclectic, electronic textures and soundscapes that I composed for the moving image. Whatever kind of content or film you are creating, the tracks could be applicable to the story you are telling, or the atmopshere you want to create.

When I was working on the album, I felt that if I created a record that could stand up on its own as a listening experience, then it would have the depth and authenticity to provide added weight to the pictures it will accompany.

The process or writing this music was really fluid, with each track beginning from one idea, which I could then build layers and textures upon. There was even an opportunity to provide the cover photography. I am as proud of this music as anything I have created to date, and I really hope that you, the content creator, or the listener can find something in there that will help convey your message.

The album is out worldwide now - except the USA, where it will follow on December 1st 2017.




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